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Live Online Training

Online Organisation Training

Create holistic, healthy and substantial changes online

Easy and accessible interactive awareness training straight to your organisation, business or group, wherever you are. Attendees will need an internet connection and suitable device (computer, phone, tablet,etc). We’ll handle the rest.

This online interactive workshop creates a space where attendees feel safe to ask gritty questions, and we can provide clear answers to what can sometimes be considered as a confusing subject, and turn those fears into a fun and inquisitive conversation.

This interactive awareness raising workshop typically goes for 2 hours. It is designed to provide clarity on;

The LGBTQIA+ community and what the acronym means.

Pronouns - what are they and how to use them.

Respectful approaches

Sexuality, gender and sex - what are the differences and more importantly, why should you care?

Allyship - what is it and why it's important.

Intersectionality - explore how it can impact an LGBTIQA+ person.

Life long learning - attendees are given the option to continue their learning and engagement by joining other curious learners exploring connection to each other and LGBTIQA+ topics. The group provides an opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences, challenges, resources and key learnings.

Copy of full chat logs

Pre and post surveys are conducted to measure the impact of the workshop. This can be used for reporting.

Certificate of completion available for attendees.

This workshop is perfect for organisations that would like to up-skill their cohort. Topics can be tailored to the organisation and their requirements.

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