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Proud Moments

Ashara’s career includes working in disability services, not for profit, local government, inclusion and diversity sectors. In her off time she is a board member of Pride WA and a member of the City of Stirling’s Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group (RAPWG).

Ashara has been lucky enough to be in positions that have allowed her to positively contribute to the LGBTIQA+ community. Mostly in Boorloo, Perth Western Australia due to her location.

Spill The Tea

Ashara in her role at the City of Stirling, identified that there was a gap within the northern suburbs of Perth, WA for young LGBTIQA+ people. There wasn’t anywhere where they could meet up, connect and be around like minded people. In partnership with Black Pig Deli, Ashara was able to launch ‘Spill the Tea’.

Spill the Tea’s first session was on July 14, 2021 straight after another lock down in Perth, WA. In just five short months Spill the Tea has hosted 160 young people across 12 sessions in 2021.

There are now fresh session available for 2022, for young LGBTIQA+ people to attend. Here’s a link to find out more and to also register tickets Spill the Tea

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Hops With Her

Always listening to her LGBTIQA+ community, Ashara was hearing from the women identifying community that there wasn’t anywhere for them to go to connect with other women that wasn’t set in a night club. They still wanted the social aspect just something a bit less ‘doof, doof’.

With this in mind and her in her role as board member of Pride WA she developed ‘Hops With Her’. A Sunday session at centrally located brewery, Nowhereman Brewery. All 150 tickets sold online as well as 30 door tickets. The event was attended by women from all ages, ethnic background, religions and social backgrounds.

Keep an eye out for more ‘Hops With Her’ events.

LGBTIQA+ Parent Workshop

LGBTIQA+ Parent Workshop

For people in the LGBTIQA+ community family support significantly increases LGBTIQA+ person’s health and wellbeing. It can be overwhelming for family members of LGBTIQA+ people to navigate though. So how can we get families to better support their LGBTIQA+ family? We educate families on all things LGBTIQA+ which makes thems feel confident to support their children.

Ashara wanted to bridge the gap between LGBTIQA+ people and their family members. In her role at the City of Stirling she developed and delivered a ‘LGBTIQA+ Parent Workshop’. To help families navigate the sometimes tricky waters of being an LGBTIQA+ parent or guardian.

To help support parents in the room, Ashara co-presented with her Mother. That way the audience could resonate with both her experience but also her Mother’s experience too.

The workshop was presented to over 15 parents in Scarborough. The session was a hit with many attendees walking away feeling better equipped to support their children.

“I was really impressed. I am really grateful to Ashara and her mum Prem, for sharing their experiences.”

“Real people with real life experience. I felt that it was very special that Ashara, as the facilitator of the workshop is a member of the LGBTQIA+community and was sharing her story with the group. How wonderful that her parent was also present!”

“The presentation was very helpful and engaging. Hearing the personal stories was reassuring and helped me see that my child’s path will be individual and there isn’t some ‘right’ path I need to work out.”

“While I came to the workshop because my middle child is trans, my eldest daughter is gay, which I have always been fine with, but I could relate to Ashara’s mother’s sense of social judgement that two of my children are LGBTIQA+. The Q&A was also very helpful.”