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Change Management, Consultancy & Policy

Create holistic, healthy and substantial changes

We can provide helpful insight into LGBTIQA+ policies, procedures, plans, systems, facilities, you name it, sky’s the limit. We’re here to help.

LGBTIQA+ topics can be confusing, overwhelming and confronting for some. That’s where we come in and help you out. Our focus is to allow people the space to learn so that they can create positive change. Whether that’s creating an inclusion plan for their business so that LGBTIQA+ people are catered for. Or it could be we sit down with a sporting club to see how we can make their change rooms more LGBTIQA+ friendly.

We can also help with high level strategic planning with your organisation. Such as policies, procedures, code of conduct, etc.

Let's Queer The Air Change Management Policy and Consultancy

Change Management

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