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Full Day Training

Professional development that creates meaningful conversations

Our full day workshop goes for 5 hours to provide a deeper understanding of LGBTIQA+ topics.Β This workshop is great for organisations who would like to create meaningful conversations that lead to organisational change.

Together we will create a space where attendees feel safe to ask gritty questions, which we can provide clear answers to what can sometimes be considered as a confusing subject, and turn those fears into a fun and inquisitive conversation.

Topics can be tailored to the organisation and their requirements, if needed.

If you are looking for a shorter workshop head over to our 2 hour session ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’

This session is designed to provide clarity on;

Explanation of what the acronym 'LGBTIQA+' and what each letter means

What are the differences between sex, gender and sexuality and why does it matter

What are pronouns, how to use them and how to ensure inclusive approaches

Extension of pronouns, exploring neopronouns

Intersectionalities within the LGBTIQA+ community

Certificates of completion available for attendees

Gender neutral language examples, best practice and what to do if you make a mistake

Tangible steps to be an active and/or passive ally of the LGBTIQA+ community

How to create an inclusive environment for clients, staff and volunteers

Queer history

Statistics surrounding the LGBTIQA+ community. Focusing on Australia and Western Australia

Barriers for LGBTIQA+ people to accessing services and general discrimination of LGBTIQA+ people. Why does it matter and how can we remove these barriers

Issues that specific LGBTIQA+ groups face such as youth, seniors, multicultural folk, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with a disability, health care, etc

Questions and answers section (attendees get to ask their burning questions)

Life long learning - attendees are given the option to continue their learning and engagement by joining other curious learners exploring connection to each other and LGBTIQA+ topics. The group provides an opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences, challenges, resources and key learnings

Pre and post surveys are conducted to measure the impact of the workshop. This can be used for reporting

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