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He’s, She’s & They’s (Pronoun Training)

Why has pronouns become a thing?

He’s, She’s and They’s is a one hour workshop that provides an understanding of pronouns and why it’s beneficial for everyone to use them.

This workshop is great for organisations that have a baseline understanding of LGBTIQA+ topics but would like some deeper understanding of pronouns.

Together we will create a space where attendees feel safe to ask gritty questions, which we can provide clear answers to what can sometimes be considered as a confusing subject, and turn those fears into a fun and inquisitive conversation.

This session is designed to provide clarity on;

History of pronouns - have they always been around?

Why is there a need to use pronouns

Understanding they/them pronouns

Respectful ways of asking someone what their pronouns are

How to correct yourself if you accidentally used the wrong pronouns

Different languages and how that changes the use of pronouns

Going beyond box ticking

Use of multiple pronouns and the meaning behind it

Neo pronouns

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