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Teach With Pride

Colour your curriculum with LGBTIQA+ training for teachers, staff and educators

Shenton College Teachers LGBTIQA+ Training


We offer a vibrant and engaging LGBTIQA+ training session for teachers who want to create welcoming and inclusive learning environments for all their students.

Our fun and thought-provoking training is designed to empower educators with the tools and knowledge they need to address issues related to gender identity, sexaul orientation and diversity in the classroom.

The interactive session covers a range of topics including:

Inclusive language


Creating safe, respectful school culture

Curriculum integration


Our team of experienced facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge, their personal stories and humour. They are also part of the LGBTIQA+ community, ensuring lived experience is brought into the session.


Teachers, staff and educators will leave the session feeling energised, informed, empowered and confident to create a more inclusive learning space for all students.

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